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Our international team from Europe, Asia, United States, Canada, Central and South America know what trading is all about. We have developed a cutting-edge tool made by business people for business people to help you do business in Latin America and the Caribbean.



What we do

At Mercatrade.com, we offer buyers and sellers a one-stop shop on the Internet for doing business with Latin America and the Caribbean. Our portals provide buyers and sellers with an all-inclusive, comprehensive system for buying and selling goods and services. View our Services




What we think 

Latin America and the Caribbean appear to be among the few bright spots for economic growth in a world shaken by an economic slowdown.

With 609 million potential customers, Latin America and the Caribbean is an ideal region for international companies looking to expand their customer base as well as purchase competitively priced products and services. Get More Info about Latin America and The Caribbean



The Concept: Connecting Buyers and Sellers


  • Increases Products and/or Services Exposure
  • Opens New markets
  • Makes business searches Faster and Easier
  • Enhance the marketing of your company (view our Members Gallery)



What we do to help the world

The MercaTrade.com team is a group of social entrepreneurs. We understand that business people play a fundamental role in the future of our planet. We understand that we can make a difference together.

We have developed and encourage the use of our GREEN marketplace, the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean where members can search for eco-friendly solutions, Organic products and Fair Trade products.

It's about supply and demand: Buy Green and create a strong successful marketplace! Visit our Green Section



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