Tax Free Zone in Brazil

Jul 4, 2013 by Emmanuel Besserve

Tax Free Zone in BrazilThere are 4 free trade zones in Brazil:

  • Manaus Industrial pole located in the state of Amazonas
  • Macapa/Santana trade free zone located in the state of Amapa
  • Tibatinga trade free zone located in the state of Amazonas
  • Guajara-mirim trade free zone located in the state of Rondonia

The Manaus free trade zone is the most developed of the four. It is a 10,000 square kilometer area that includes the city of Manaus.

The current tax policy in Manaus Free Zone is different from the one of the rest of the country because of its benefits which can reach up to 40% more advantageous than the others granted in other Brazilian states. The tax incentives offered by the Federal Government are reinforced by the state governments and the municipalities that grant tax advantages to its investors settled in Manaus Industrial Pole.

Manaus Free Zone has also a strategic geographic position in relation to the world markets, taking into consideration its central position before the economic blocks - Andean Community, CARICOM, MERCOSUR and NAFTA - what stands for a meaningful competitive difference which is very important for export.

Manaus Free Zone has a factory pole, a trade center and an agrarian industrial area, located in Manaus, capital of Amazonas. In the other states of the Western Amazon and in the Free Trading Area of Macapá/Santana, economic projects are developed, most of them taking advantages of the natural potentialities of the region.

To keep the Free Zone attractive to the investors, Suframa (Superintendent of Manaus free zone) invests in technology, formation of intellectual capital, competitive international insertion of the products manufactured in Manaus, identifies the regional potentialities and turn them into business opportunities.

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