Aging Oven (HD-103A)

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Supplier :
Hongdu Testing Equipment Co., Ltd
Country :
Hongdu Testing Equipment Co., Ltd China China
Company Status: Free Member

Product description:

Product Description

This apparatus is manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of relevant standards, such as GB/T2951, UL1581, ASTM-D5423-93(R1999) etc. It is used to test the ability of material to withstand thermo-mechanical stress, this material can be used in Electrical Appliances, Electrical wire accessories, luminaires, motors, connectors, etc. Features: * It is a full-draft circulating-air oven. * The intelligent PID temperature control system allow precise operation. * Providing horizontal airflow for even exposure to all samples. * Two shelves could be removed free, and the shelve is circumgyrated at 10r/m. * Using the watt-time-meter can measure the air exchange capacity. And the air exchange capacity can be adjusted by a simple system. * The big window in the door makes your view more convenient. * Four-tiered safety system for overheat conditions. * Stainless steel interior. * OPTION: Heat Impact Device. Technical parameter: Power source: Depending on different countries and regions. Temperature range: Ambient to 300C Temperature precision: +-1C Heat power: 5KW Heat time: Less than 1h (from ambient to 300C) Maximum fresh-air exchange capacity: 200 times/h Test period: 0.01s-999.9hours Interior capacity(W*D*H): 450*420*500 mm Exterior dimensions(W*D*H): 1150*680*1100 mm Standards: GB/T2951 Test Objects: Plastic Material


Approximate Price: 1 USD

Minimum Quantity: 1 Set(s)

Payment Terms: N/A

Green Product/Solution: No

Organic Product/Solution: No

Fair Trade Product/Solution: No

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