Doppler Radar Training System

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Tesca Technologies
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Tesca Technologies India India
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List of experiments:- To investigate the fundamental concepts of Doppler radar.- To setup radar and tune it for best performance.- To measure speed of a fan.- To detect the presence of a hidden Time Bomb with the help of aDoppler radar.- To find out the Time period and frequency of a moving Pendulum fordifferent lengths.- To actuate the opening of a door, Traffic signal, Intrusion alarm etc.with the help of a radar.- To measure the units of items being produced in an assembly lineproduction unit.- To determine the presence of moving plasma from one electrode toother in a Tube light.- To detect the presence of transformer hum and find its frequency.- To measure the variable speeds of moving objects using Velocitysimulator.- Calibration of Doppler radar using tuning fork.- To study the reflective, absorptive and transmissive properties ofmaterials using radar and velocity simulator.- To find the speed of a moving object with Doppler radar fromdifferent angles.- To find the speed of a moving object approaching or receding awayfrom radar from different-different angles- To estimate the size of a moving objects using Radar- To measure the distance traveled using Radar.- To find out the presence of a Pedestrian and manage Traffic till hewalks away.- To find out the presence of an aero plane with the rotation of theturbine of its engine as used by Air Force.- To study the use of radar in detecting respiration and heart beating.- Study of climatic conditions of atmosphere cyclones, Clouds,tornado using a Doppler radar.


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