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Apresys (Shanghai) Precision Photoelectric Limited
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Apresys (Shanghai) Precision Photoelectric Limited  China China
Company Status: Free Member

Product description:

Model #: 179A-T1 High Accuracy Temperature Recorder

Technical parameters

Temperature Measurement range

–40℃ to 100℃


+/- 0.2℃(5~40℃)




Switzerland original SHT75

Record capability

100,000 readings

Recording time intervals

1s to 18 h (selectable)

Record of time delay

1s to 18 h (selectable)

Communication interfaces

RS232 (RS232 transfer to USB interface)

Battery life


Recording channels


Storage life

10 years


12.6cm * 7.6cm * 2.5cm (5'' * 3’’ * 1’’)


140g (5 oz)


3.6V, 2400MA non-rechargeable lithium manganese battery

 Features1.  Ultra-sized LCD screen 2. Start the record by pressing button without passing computer setting 3. Green software without installation 4. Super large record capability with 100,000 groups’ data 5. The whole process demarcated by Switzerland high precision probe 6. High stability, energy saving, waterproof, shock-proof, dustless  


1. Shipping, Transportation, and Food Monitoring for cold-chain management

2. Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, chemical medicines monitoring

3. temperature-sensitive refrigerated daily necessities, freight containers by sea/air, etc.


Approximate Price: N/A

Minimum Quantity: 1 Piece(s)

Payment Terms: T/T

Green Product/Solution: Yes

Organic Product/Solution: Yes

Fair Trade Product/Solution: No

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