Miniature Current Transformers \ For Electronic Watthour Meter \ Without DC Immunity

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Supplier :
Yuanxing Electronics Co., Ltd.
Country :
Yuanxing Electronics Co., Ltd. China China
Company Status: Free Member

Product description:

Features   ●  Low cost  ●  More than 30 standard sizes  ●  Small size   ●  High accuracy,wide linear range,good        consistency  ●  Terminal: PCB Mounted or Lead  ●  Toroidal Nanocrystalline and Nickel Alloy         cores available Applications  ●  For applications that required high  precision        and minimal phase angle error watt-hour         metre ect. electric energy measurement         device  Specifications  ●  Exterior Material: PBT Resin UL flame         retardant rating 94-V0  ●  Interior Insulation:Epoxy Encapsulated  ●  Isolation Current:2500 Vrms for 1 minute  ●  Dielectric Resistance:1000 M Ohms @ 500           Vdc  ●  Surge Withstand: 5000V(1.2/50μs standard          shock wave)  ●  Operating Temperature:-25 to +55℃,-40 to         +85℃ optional  ●  Frequency:50 to 400 Hz  ●  Accuracy Class:as defined in IEC 60044-1         Part 1 Current Transformers Class 0.1,0.2   ●  RoHS Compliant


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Green Product/Solution: Yes

Organic Product/Solution: Yes

Fair Trade Product/Solution: Yes

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Yuanxing Electronics Co., Ltd.

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