YB 160 Test Gauge

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Supplier :
Ningbo GC Pressure Gauge Co.,LTD
Country :
Ningbo GC Pressure Gauge Co.,LTD China China
Company Status: Free Member

Product description:

PRODUCT OVERVIEW:The pressure gauge can be used to check common  pressure gauge whith is using in the industry process,and it can be used directly to do high precision messuring.YB type test pressure gauge can work perfectly in the occasion without corrosion to copper alloy.

YB Technical specifications

Bottom connectionAccuracy class:0.25%,0.4%

Mirror dial

Recalibration device

Safety pattern case design

Cast aluminum case,steel internals


Burdontube:10MPa-to-tin welding between phosphor bronze C-type burdon tube and brass

Moverment:Coper alloyConnection:M20*1.5 out thread(Other standard connections available)Case:Steel with black PTFE

Blast-proof flake:Rubber

Dial:Stainless Steel double glasses,with zero adjustable set.

Pointer:65Mo,Steel,knife end


Approximate Price: N/A

Minimum Quantity: N/A

Payment Terms: N/A

Green Product/Solution: No

Organic Product/Solution: No

Fair Trade Product/Solution: No

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Ningbo GC Pressure Gauge Co.,LTD

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