GE-139 Turbidity Monitor Meter

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A.YITE  INSTRUMENT  GROUP Taiwan, Province of China Taiwan, Province Of China
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GE-139 Turbidity Monitor Meter

(Water Turbidometer Nephelometer Online Industry Analyzer)


According the Light scattering theory, the scattering of light was thought of as the redirection of light that takes place when an electromagnetic wave (i.e. an incident light ray) encounters an obstacle or non-homogeneity, the turbidity concertration is directly proportional to the scattering of light, when the light go through the liquid, as this theory. The turbidity sensor directs a focused beam into the monitored water, The light beam reflects off particles in the water, and the resultant light intensity is measured by the turbidity sensor's photodetector. The light intensity detected by the turbidity sensor is directly proportional to the turbidity of the water.


It is one industry grade online analytical instruments, it offer a suitable solution for the monitoring of final effluent water discharge to ensure compliance with Environmental Agency regulations. The Turbidity Measurement Meter is suitable for the monitor of turbidity concentration in Water Treatment Plant, Reservoir, Sewage Treatment Plant, water quality testing and management, river monitoring, stream measurement, reservoir water quality testing, groundwater testing, water and wastewater treatment, and effluent and industrial control.


Character:* Clear the air bubble automatically, higher accuracy and stability* Easy install, stability, * Easy maintenance, calibrate each 3 month* Better Repeatability, no affect from flow and pressure * 4~20mA isolating current output, high/low limit alarm* Automatic diagnosis, easy calibration* Measure units: NTU, FTU, TE/F, mg/L



* Measure Range: 0~10NTU~100NTU (Low Range); 0~400NTU~4000NTU (High Range)* Accuracy: ±1.0%; ±0.1NTU for low range, ±1NTU for high range* Resolution: 0.01NTU for low range, 0.1NTU for high range

* Repeatability: 1%; 0.05NTU* Response time: 65s (adjustable)* Display: LCD screen* Output: 4~20mA 750 ohme max* Communication: RS485 (Optional)* Replay: max 230V/5A, adjustable high/low limit* Work Temperature: -20C~50C* Work Humidity: 3% ~ 85%* Power Supply: AC110V  AC220V  DC24V* Protect Grade: IP68 for sensor, IP65 for transmitter* Material: PVC PPR for sensor* Medium Temperature: 0~65C


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Green Product/Solution: No

Organic Product/Solution: No

Fair Trade Product/Solution: No

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