HD-150 Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Cabinet

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Supplier :
Hongdu Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd
Country :
Hongdu Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd China China
Company Status: Free Member

Product description:

HD-150 Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Cabinet


Product explanation:

This machine is manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of relevant standards, such as GB/T2951, UL1581, IEC540, IEC60598 etc. It is used to provide a constant temperature & humidity environment to perform a further test.



* A big LCD display screen come from Korea makes operation more convenient.

* Controlled by a microcomputer, actions like temperature rising and humidity rising could be applied individually.

* All stainless steel structure.

* The refrigeration is come from Tecumseh (France).

* The big window in the door makes your view more convenient.

* Four-tiered safety system for super-cooling conditions.


Technical parameter:

Power source: AC 3φ 380V, 50Hz, Max 15A

Temp range:  -70C to +150C

Humidity range: 20% to 98%RH

Temp precision: +-0.20C

Humidity precision: +- 2.5% RH

Temperature uniformity: +-0.1C

Humidity uniformity: +- 0.1% RH

Controller: TEMI 850


Approximate Price: N/A

Minimum Quantity: 1 Set(s)

Payment Terms: N/A

Green Product/Solution: No

Organic Product/Solution: No

Fair Trade Product/Solution: No

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